Performing Arts

St Finbar’s Primary School provides a Performing Arts program, for all students, that enables them to gain skills and competencies in Dance, Drama, and Music.


Performing Arts at St Finbar’s is an energetic and fun hour each week for each child. Students are able to explore the Performing Arts in an exciting and encouraging environment.


The children are given opportunities to learn about various instruments, music theory and practice, dance styles and cultures, and drama elements, and forms. Children are encouraged to use their imagination, and creativity as they build and present performances across the areas of Performing Arts.  


Children also participate and perform in the bi annual whole school production and arts festival.


St. Finbar’s school choir is an additional exciting opportunity for students to both contribute their talents, and gain a greater practice of choral singing competencies.  School choir is a chance for students to have fun and create valuable and memorable learning experiences.



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