Sustainability at St Finbar's is to enable and empower students to make decisions and  take actions that contribute to creating a sustainable society and ecosystem. Classes are designed to develop knowledge and skills for students to become active agents of change towards building a more sustainable school, community, State, Country and World.


Year 6 Sustainability Leaders, the classroom Sustainability representatives, along with staff members as a collective, put forth ideas which they would like to see across our classrooms and as part of our learning. The students have made several initiatives within our school including Nude Food awareness, 

composting and recycling bins around the school and a worm farm.


The Year 6 Leaders each year are part of the iSea, iCare program, this program empowers students to educate their peers about Sustainable practices and how to care of local wildlife and land areas. 


John Ash

Fostering environmental awareness and sustainable practises in each child is enacted through engaging , 'hands on' activities centered around our John Ashe playground. 

Students also have the opportunity to reflect within the lovely areas of this playground. Often classes use this nature filled area for class Christian meditation and prayer as part of a variety of learning experiences. The playground is a garden, with an array of native plants and flowers, which are accessible as both visual displays, educational purposes and play. The students at St. Finbar’s are educated about Australia’s natural landscape and are able to gain understanding as to which plants thrive best in our climate and soil. 


The playground is home to our school chickens, which are free to roam amongst the students during some playtime. The care and compassion towards all of God’s creatures are encompassed as the students are encouraged to select ‘good’ chicken foods from the garden, as well as creating entertainment for the chickens and collecting the eggs. The John Ashe playground is a place where children can fully immerse themselves in nature and nature play

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