Learning Diversity

All students regardless of race, age or gender, by virtue of their dignity as human persons, have a right to an education that is suited to their particular needs and adapted to their ability. (Pope Paul VI 1965)


At St Finbar’s, the Learning Diversity Team strives to meet the needs of all our students. We offer a wide range of services including literacy and numeracy intervention and extension, we offer an onsite school psychologist as well as on site speech therapy services. Regular parent support meetings are organised where teachers, parents and students work together in planning how we can facilitate the best learning environment. St Finbar’s provides a wide range of professional development opportunities for parents, including current practices in literacy and numeracy, cyber safety as well as how we can cater for the diverse needs of our students. Lunchtime clubs are timetabled to cater for different interests including Lego Club, as well as offering a break from the playground for those who may need it.



Ensuring a smooth transition into Prep, between grades and supporting Year 6 students making the transition to high school is a high priority at St Finbar’s. Our Prep teachers work in collaboration with the local kindergartens so ensure the smoothest transition possible. Transition days are organised before Preps commence so can become familiar with the school environment as well as getting to know their teachers and fellow classmates. Transition meetings between teachers are scheduled to support a smooth transition between grades. There is also a well supported transition process between St Finbar’s and prospective high schools to support our students when they are ready to move on to Year 7. 


Social Emotional Wellbeing

St Finbar’s has a strong holistic Social Emotional Curriculum taught from Prep to Year 6. Students are able to role play scenarios and work through age related issues that might arise. St Finbar’s has a Wellbeing Team who meet regularly, ensuring the wellbeing needs of all students are being met. We also promote a Wellbeing Year 6 Leadership portfolio highlighting the importance of wellbeing with students from Prep to Year 6. 


Academic Support

Some of the intervention programs we offer at St Finbar’s include:

  • Reading Recovery
  • Levelled Literacy Intervention
  • SMART Spelling Intervention
  • Maths Intervention
  • Seasons Program 
  • Social Emotional learning: Bounce Back/Be You/Respectful Relations
  • Extension maths groups
  • Shared Stories - Writing extension culminating in being published with students from primary and secondary students across Melbourne and stored in the Australian National Library. 


At St Finbar’s, we understand that the needs of students change over time. If you ever feel that your child may need extra support in any area you are invited to get in touch with our Learning Diversity Leader. Together we can navigate a course of action to reach the best outcomes for all students.

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