Wellbeing at St Finbar's


Wellbeing is integral to learning at St Finbar’s, where a positive sense of wellbeing supports a base for rich learning that enables young people to flourish (Horizons of Hope, 2016)

Under the umbrella of Wellbeing are:

  • Social and Emotional Learning
  • Student Wellbeing Team
  • Allied Health - School Psychologist Ellie Nicolay
  • Year 6 Student leadership position of Wellbeing Leaders


Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

This is a sequentially planned whole school approach. Each year level from Prep to Year 6 participates in SEL every Monday afternoon. Resources for this school based approach include evidence based programs and frameworks  including; Bounceback, Be You and Respectful Relations.   The main focus in these sessions are developing:

  •     Peer connectedness
  •     School Connectedness
  •     Higher levels of emotional wellbeing
  •     Enhanced self esteem
  •     Whole school language and strategies for dealing with bullies


Student Wellbeing Team

The school Wellbeing Team consists of the Principal, Deputies, Learning Diversity Leader, junior, middle and senior classroom teachers and an LSO. These positions are rotated every two years to build the capacity of the staff within the  Student Wellbeing. This team led by the Wellbeing Leader meets regularly throughout the term to support vulnerable students, analyse data and the effectiveness of our current approaches. Together with staff, professional development, professional readings and guest speakers we continue to build our wellbeing knowledge. 


Allied Health School Psychologist Ellie Nicolay

Our school psychologist Ellie Nicolay is  on site at St Finbar’s on Mondays. She is highly regarded and has supported many students and their families.   If you would like more information please contact Cathy Ferrari - Wellbeing Leader - cferrari@sfbrightoneast.catholic.edu.au or call the school.


Bio: Ellie Nicolay

Ellie is a psychologist who has a strong interest in supporting the wellbeing and positive development of young individuals and is passionate about working with children. She holds a Masters in ‘Educational and Developmental’ Psychology from Monash University, and has had experience working in primary school, secondary school and private clinic settings.

Ellie provides a holistic, family-centred approach to therapy and draws from a range of evidence-based treatments including cognitive behavioural therapy, play therapy and mindfulness. She believes that a collaborative approach involving the child, their parents, teachers and other allied health professionals, is integral to achieving the best outcomes.

In her other world, Ellie is also a Mum of three adolescent boys, and enjoys family time as well as reading for pleasure, cooking and walks with her Labradoodle Oscar.


Year 6 Student leadership position of Wellbeing Leaders

Last year saw the introduction of a Year 6 student leadership portfolio in the area of Wellbeing. These leaders introduce special days to our community with an emphasis on building  awareness and knowledge in regards to healthy wellbeing both physical and mental. To date they have led the community on World Harmony Day, Don’t Worry Be Happy Day and Day for Daniel (Child Safety) to name a few. These days are always dynamic and enthusiastically received by all. 



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