Physical Education

St. Finbar’s aims to provide a high-quality, inclusive, comprehensive skills-based Physical Education (PE) Program with the core goal of instilling a lifelong commitment to overall health and wellbeing with all students.  Numerous opportunities are provided to participate in a wide variety of physical activities and games that help develop their skills, knowledge and competencies to lead an active life. The emphasis in Physical Education centres around participation, co-operation and self-improvement.  The school has excellent facilities to compliment the PE program with an indoor modern hall/gymnasium, two outdoor asphalt full-sized lined courts & a recently surfaced multi-purpose synthetic turf area with running lanes.

From Foundation to Year 2 the main focus during lessons is to teach and develop the children's fundamental motor skills. These skills provide the building blocks for all physical activities and include balancing, dodging, throwing, catching, kicking, jumping, leaping and ball bouncing.

During the middle years these capabilities are reinforced and built on with more complex skills being introduced such as the overarm throw and the two-handed forehand strike. These skills are then used in modified games and activities to further consolidate the student’s acquisition of these techniques. Within these games; teamwork, sportsmanship and game tactics are also being incorporated and developed.

In Years 5 and 6 students continue to develop and refine their fundamental motor skills, with more emphasis on applying these common skills to learning how to play major games, including both competitive sports and recreational games.  Students’ game-sense knowledge is also challenged with opportunities given to design their own game and undertake peer or self-critiques on their own movements, skills and game designs. The curriculum is also taught through athletics, fitness training, main-stream sports and tag games, as well as a variety of other sports/activities with less exposure, such as badminton, european handball, bat tennis, spikeball, volleyball and sof crosse.



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