Physical Education

At St. Finbar's the Physical Education curriculum aims to provide the students with an opportunity to participate in a wide variety of activities and games that will help develop the skills, knowledge and competencies to lead an active life. The emphasis in Physical Education centres around participation, co-operation and self improvement.pe1

From Foundation to Grade 2 the main focus during our lessons is to learn and develop the children's fundamental motor skills. These skills provide the building blocks for all physical activities and include balancing, dodging, throwing, catching, kicking, jumping, leaping and ball bouncing.

During the middle years these capabilities are reinforced and built on with more complex skills being introduced such as the overarm throw and the two handed forehand strike. These skills are then used in modified games and activities to further consolidate the students acquisition of these techniques. Within these games teamwork, sportsmanship and game tactics are also being incorporated and developed.

The grade 5 and 6 curriculum covers athletics, fitness, games understanding as well as a variety of other sports that the students may not have had the opportunity to play before such as badminton, European handball, bat tennis, volleyball and sof crosse. These physical activities are challenging and enjoyable, with co-operation, sportsmanship and teamwork also being key focus in these senior classes.