Sport - Interschool


St. Finbar’s offers a number of sporting opportunities beyond the weekly 1-hour PE lesson.
  All students are designated to a House when they enrol at St. Finbar’s.  We have four (4) House groups (Marian, Xavier, Nagle & Finbar). These House groups provide an opportunity for our students to work cooperatively as a team, initiate further cross-age interaction and promote a sense of community and connectedness amongst students.

Students across all year levels participate in our annual House carnivals of Athletics and Swimming.  Our Year 3-6 students also participate in our annual House Cross Country running event.

All students in Years Prep to Year 4 participate in an 9-day Learn-to-swim Swimming
program at StarFish Swim School, whilst the Year 5&6’s participate in an 8-session  Swim & Survive program at SwimRight, Sandringham.  

During Term 2 our Year 5 and 6 students participate in a weekly Winter Sport Inter School Football and Netball competition against other Dendy District school teams.  The students enjoy this opportunity to meet and interact with other local school students whom they may meet as they move onto Secondary school.

Students in Years 3 – 6’s also enjoy the chance to trial and participate in other Dendy District round-robin tournaments such as:

-   Hoop Time (Yr. 3/4 and Yr. 5/6 interschool basketball tournaments)

-   Cricket Blast T20 (Yr. 3/4 and Yr. 5/6 interschool cricket tournaments)

-   Lightning Premiership Soccer (Yr. 5/6 representative soccer girls and boys tournaments)

-   Lightning Premiership Netball (Yr. 5/6 netball teams at an interschool tournament)

-   Lightning Premiership AFL football (Yr. 5/6 football team at an interschool tournament)


Other recreational opportunities are offered in the form of: 

-   Year 6 Sports Leaders lunchtime tournaments for year levels

-   Year 5 & 6 Brighton Cluster Beach Day (Life Saving Victoria run Beach-program)

-   St. Finbar’s Olympics Day (relevant years)

-   Term 1 Celebration Week ‘Kaboom Kids Sport’ event

-   Table tennis rostered opportunities at lunch & snack break

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