Lunch Time School Clubs

These club activities are provided by the teachers as an alternative to playground activities and take place over lunchtime and Recess. 
Some have a term rotation of students so all may have an opportunity to try new things. No cost involved

Drawing/Colouring Club - Monday lunchtime

Monday’s at lunchtime in the Art room, provides the opportunity for students to have fun, express themselves artistically and make new friendships outside their usual friendship circle. 

Paper, pre-printed sheets and drawing supplies are provided and children can also bring their own from home. 


Choir Club meets weekly during Snack Time and provides students with the opportunity to learn a repertoire of songs, including popular and faith-based music.

The Choir rehearse performances for a range of school and community events.

Choir Club is available for Years 3-6 students. The choir is all inclusive, with all students who demonstrate a passion for singing and a keen interest in performing welcome to participate.



Band Club is held on Thursdays to rehearse for various school events. This is a wonderful opportunity for students who learn an instrument to further develop their musicianship and performance skills.


Chess Club - Wednesday Lunch 

Every Tuesday at snack we set up a classroom full of games (many of them are Maths games but not all). have Rummikub, Mabble (similar to Scrabble but with number equations), big Snakes and Ladders to play on the floor, Uno, Place Value Bingo and other Bingo games, card games called Rowco and Combo and many more fun filled games. All children are welcome and our Year 6 leaders are available to help with rules and how to play the games.


Lego Games - Wednesday Snack 

Children from all year levels can use their snack time to come and build friendships, work in a team, problem solve and spark ideas while building with lego. A variety of Lego is offered to cover all year levels.




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